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A mobile betting calculator is an essential tool for any punter. Whether you’re at a brick and mortar bookmaker looking at the odds offered and are considering a multi-bet or a single wager of an odd amount with an uncommon payout, or you’re considering bet options with your favorite online bookie and need to compare outcomes of a patent, a three team multi-bet accumulator, your mobile betting calculator will make your life much easier by allowing you to quickly and easily test various results without having to enter the math of all possible combinations of results into the calculator on your phone.

Another great reason to make sure that you have this tool at your disposal is that odds frequently move. You may have finally figured out which bet you want to place, but all of a sudden the line on one of the events has moved. Using a regular calculator, you’d once again have to enter all of the data for each of the possible combinations – perhaps only to discover that another line or payout had changed. These delays can be costly, and this tool can help you avoid losing out when you need to act quickly.

Your mobile betting calculator will also come in extremely handy if you plan on placing each way multi-bets. Attempting to figure out all of the possible outcomes of such wagers, especially when they involve several events, is a fool’s errand. This will take valuable time away from studying the odds, the teams and/or horses, and just enjoying the events, and it is entirely unnecessary when you could easily take care of it in seconds or minutes on your smartphone.

Perhaps the greatest reason to make use of a mobile betting calculator is that it prevents you from making the kids of errors that necessarily occur from time to time when you enter such information into a regular calculator by hand. To be sure, it’s unlikely that you’ll make a mistake entering two or three single bets. Try to figure out the results of a Heinz bet using a regular calculator, though, and making a mistake at some point, either by incorrectly entering some data or missing a combination or two, is all but impossible. This tool reduces the likelihood of such errors by limiting the amount of information that you need to input to get the results that you need.

Whether you’re a casual punter or a serious one, a mobile betting calculator is a convenient and useful tool to have at your disposal. To be sure, it might not be necessary for every punter, such as those who always make single wagers with easily calculable stakes and odds, or, for that matter, those who graduated summa cum laude from MIT, but few bettors fall into either of those categories. With a quick, free download, you’ll never again have to burn your valuable time doing elementary math rather than engaging in the serious study and enjoyment that are supposed to be involved with sports betting.

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