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TabOzBet mobile, which can be found at, focuses very heavily on horseracing, including trotting, and greyhounds. Although there is also a sports section, it’s quite clear from the landing page alone that sports play second fiddle, so those who are looking primarily for sports betting should, with a few notable exceptions, look elsewhere. For race fans, though, this is a solid option.

The TabOzBet mobile homepage is laid out very cleanly. It features a top bar with Log In and information tabs. Under that, there are six options: Races (horse), Trots, Dogs, Fixed Odds (racing), Sports, and Next Events. Under that, there’s a mystery bet, a favorite numbers game, and a Jackpots link, followed by options to sign up or log in. Toward the bottom, there are links for watching and listening to races.

Upon clicking one of the racing tabs, TabOzBet mobile users will see a menu at the top that makes navigating between races, trots, and dogs easy. Under that menu, there’s the date, along with links to the previous and next days. Finally, there are links to various tracks, which includes the country in which those tracks are located. The line on which each track is shown includes either an arrow, which indicates that betting is closed on that track for the day, i.e. the last race has at least started if not finished, or an arrow with the race number and time of the next race to start.

By clicking the track, a user will see a list of all of the races at that track for the day. Races are clearly displayed on alternating lines, and the numbers appear in either red or green squares depending on whether betting on the race remains open. If a race has finished, the distance and first four finishers are shown at the right. This makes it very quick and easy for punters to check their bets. For those that have not yet been run, the distance is shown alone. In both cases, the type of race is shown under its name. Upon clicking the race on which they want to bet, punters will see both fixed and tote odds displayed for each horse. They can also choose among various bet types at the top – win, quinella, exacta, trifecta, first 4, and mystery.

In all, the racing portion of the site is easily navigable and provides just the right amount of information for punters either to place their bets or check the results of bets they’ve already placed. Those who like different types of racing will have no trouble going from one to the other, making this a solid option for them.

Sports fans can click on the Sports option of the TabOzBet mobile landing page to find odds on a variety of sports and markets. In general, sports bettors are likely to be somewhat disappointed with the number of sports and markets available, and navigation among those that are available is not always easy. For example, American football is listed as NFL, the only link shown on the sports page, but those who click on NFL will see that college games are also available. Although the major sports are covered, along with elections, some of the less popular sports that are frequently offered by TabOzBet mobile’s competitors aren’t available.

Within the sports themselves, the markets available are a bit of an odd mix. The major markets tend to be available, especially on soccer, which also has several of the less common options, albeit fewer than some of its competitors. It does, however, have a few markets that other bookmakers seldom if ever offer, such as 5th goal. One difficulty is that the markets on individual events are just listed in one long line, albeit in alternating colors, rather than being divided by categories like Half, Goals, and Corners. This can make finding markets beyond the most popular, which appear at the top, somewhat frustrating.

TabOzBet mobile is a good option for those looking to bet primarily or exclusively on races, as that section of the site is easily navigable and makes finding information easy. For those who bet mostly or exclusively on sports, though, there are better options available. Finding specific leagues or events could prove difficult, and searching for a specific market on a very long list can be very frustrating. Whether TabOzBet mobile is for you just depends on what you’re looking to bet on.

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